A military brat born in Petersburg, Virginia and reared in Germany & Houston, Brik. Liam is in a lane that is authentically his own. Fusing classic soul vibes of Marvin Gayewith the urban contemporary sounds we hear today.


His name "Brik" was derived from a synonym search of his favorite color, red. Which also explains the signature red balloon seen in his performances and visuals. Liam is the abbreviated version of his surname "Williams" Thus the moniker "Brik.Liam" was birthed.


His message is simple yet necessary... "Let Go" which is further symbolized with the red balloon.


When asked what his mission as an artist was, and how he feels he contributes to the state of the evolution of music, he had this to say: 

"I disagree when people label music “real” as if other music isn’t. but i just simply want to be myself and show other people that it’s okay for them to do that too. my goal in creating music and art is to 1. make people feel. period. they have to feel me before they hear me, the music lasts longer that way too. 2. i want people to be affected by the content, i want them to feel understood and heard, i want them to make better choices and find happiness, because of the telling of my story. 3. because i love complex musicality, i try to drop that in my music. though many believe that people can’t stomach more complex music i believe that they can be taught to. i want to grow the consumer's ear. and in my writing, i want to do the same thing. i want to grow their minds and imagination, little by little. and my biggest goal of all is to always grow as an artist and human being."